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Learning and Certification

Abdul Habra, 6.20.2001

Many of my friends and colleagues ask me this question in one form or another:
I am a programmer, and want to learn Java and get certification, what should I do/read?
and by the way, what IDE or text editor should I use?

Here is my answer:

  1. Read this book:
    Just Java 2, by Peter van der Linden
    Make sure to get the latest edition. The book should give you a good understanding of Java.

  2. After you read the above book, look at these links:

    These links should give you a good sense of Java certifications and exams.

  3. If you want to continue with certification, read this book:
    Java 2 Exam Cram, by Bill Brogden.
    This is not a big book, so read it all and make sure to solve all its examples.

  4. Do the exam. Its official title is:
    Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform.
    Good luck.

  5. If you want to stay current with Java, check out these sites regularly: The Cincinnati Java User Group (if you live in the area!)

  6. Other Java related sites that you may want to checkout: Java Docs in WinHelp format. Java Docs with class diagrams. Download the "Thinking in Java" book by Bruce Eckel. IBM's Java zone. GNU's Java software with a lot of source code.

  7. Finally for the IDEs and text editors: Download the free JBuilder Foundation. JBuilder is my favorite IDE. TextPad is a good shareware text editor that has Java syntax coloring.