Introduction To Tek271 Servlet Utilities

A Java open source library of Servlet utilities.

By Abdul Habra
Version  1.00
Date 2008.05.26

This software is open source, free, and uses LGPL license. Source, JAR, JavaDocs.
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1. Introduction
This is a simple library of servlet-related utilities. The following gives a high level summary of each class in the library:
  1. ServletIO: Methods to write messages and exception's stack trace to the response, dump a request to the response, and to read files from file system.
  2. ServletUtilities: Different utility methods, like forward, redirect, and accessing session attributes.
  3. RequestReader: Read request's data into a bean whose properties names should match the names of the request's parameters, taking care also of requests that contain uploaded files. This is a very handy class to read uploaded file.

The following examples show how to use the RequestReader class.

Example 1: Copy request's data to an existing bean

RequestReader rr= new RequestReader(request);
rr.copyToBean(myBean);   // myBean should have been instantiated before
// now myBean's properties or public fields contain the request's parameters.

Example 2: Copy request's data to a new bean

RequestReader rr= new RequestReader(request);
MyClass myBean= rr.toBean(MyClass.class);

Example 3: Read request's data that can include uploaded files

String uploadDir= "upload/dir/";
String fileNameSuffix= ".up";    // uploaded files will be named with .up suffix
RequestReader rr= new RequestReader(request, uploadDir, fileNameSuffix);
MyClass myBean= rr.toBean(MyClass.class);
if (rr.hasUploads()) {
  Map<String, String> uploads= rr.getUploadedFiles();
  for (String fileName: uploads.keySet() ) {
    // fileName is the name of the file as determined by the client
    String filePath= uploads.get(fileName);
    // filePath is the path and name to the file stored on the server
    // ... do something with the uploaded file
2. Requirements
This library requires JRE 1.5 or higher. Additionally, the JAR files included with the download lib directory are also required.


Version 1.00, 2008.05.26
First public release


Abdul Habra,
Mar 28, 2011, 3:25 PM