Acronyms Statistician

Copyright(c) 2002 Abdul Habra.


There are many acronyms, however, in a given field some words will be used repeatedly to build different acronyms. I wanted to know what words participate the most in building different acronyms in the computer field. So I wrote this program to do so. The program will do the following:

    1. Read a dictionary file (text).

    2. Analyze it.

    3. Determine how many times the same word is used in building acronyms.

    4. Produce the result as an HTML table.

Running The Program

Look at the file r.bat to see how to run the jar file. The program was written using Java 1.4.

You can get a sample dictionary file from:


Running the program against the dictionary file defined above, I got the following output (manually formatted):


    • Binary: (33KB)

    • Source: (11KB)