Abdul Habra's Resume, @ahabra

May 2019

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    • Over twenty five years of IT experience with more than sixteen years of technical leadership.

    • Roles: Inventor, Conference Speaker, Mentor, Architect, Project Manager, Agile Technical lead, Designer, Analyst, and Programmer.

    • Technologies (Expert level): Web Technologies, Agile Development, Functional Programming, Object Orientation, Internet/Intranet, Client/Server, Distributed systems, RDBMS, Rule-Based/Metadata systems, Java/J2EE/JEE, JavaScript.


    • Platforms: OS X, Unix, and MS-Windows.

    • Software:

      • Java (21 Years), including: Maven, Ant, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, JMS, JEE, Junit, Selenium, Spark Java, and RESTful services.

      • JavaScript (12 Years): EcmaScript6/7, Webpack, Desktop & Mobile browsers, Server (Node.js, Phantom.js, Express.js). Single Page Apps (SPA), React, AngularJS, Web Components, jQuery, Jasmine, Mocha, MathJax.

      • Database: MongoDB, SQL, JDBC, ODBC, MS-SQL Server, DB2/UDB, MySQL, Oracle.

      • Internet: HTML5, HTTP, JSON, Ajax.

      • Languages: Elixir (1 Year), Scala (6 Month), Groovy/Grails (6 Month), Delphi (3 Years), C (5 Years), and C++ (3 Years), Ruby (6 Month).

    • Technologies:

      • Methods: Functional Programming (FP), Agile (XP) and Iterative. Scrum, Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), OO A/D/P, UML, Design Patterns, SOA.

      • Distributed Systems: Multi-Tiered architectures, Client/Server, Internet/Intranet/e-Commerce applications.

      • Rule Based/Metadata engines analysis, design, and implementation.

      • Languages and Compiler analysis, design and implementation. Used Lex, Yacc, and Antlr.


TD Ameritrade, Senior Consultant/Senior Manager, Ann Arbor MI, January 2015-current

  • Architect and Tech Lead For East Asia Systems

      • Enable account opening and trading for clients in East Asia. Support multiple locales and national regulations.

      • Mentor engineers to become better craftsmen/women. Introduced Git, TDD, CI/CD, micro services.

      • Technologies used: Java 8, Spring, maven, AngularJS, micro services, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).

  • Architect and Tech Lead For Robo Advisor Team

      • Enable casual investors to invest based on their preferences like risk tolerance, length of investment, ...

      • Upgraded system to use simpler architecture and less code. This saved on cost of upgrades and maintenance.

      • Technologies used: Java 8, Spring, AngularJS, React, Selenium, CypressJs, Webpack, Git.

  • Senior Researcher in the Advanced Technology Group:

      • Created a system for multi-factor authentication using biometrics.

      • Created a system for high speed multi-client messaging.

      • Created a system for real-time monitoring of social networking. Used NLP and Sentiment analysis for early detection of TDA systems issues.

      • Created an intelligent system for human-machine vocal interaction: somewhat similar to Alexa or Siri but with better financial capabilities. A US patent #10,217,260 was issued for some of my work.

      • Technologies used: Java, JavaScript, Elixir, Tomcat, Spark Java, HTML5, Speech I/O, Node, Spring, RabbitMQ, Lucene, Stanford NLP (Natural Language Processing), Apache NLP, Neural Networks/Deep Learning, MongoDB, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Pillar Technologies, Independent Contractor, Cincinnati, Ohio, January 2008-January 2015

  • Tech Lead at a Book/eBook Publisher:

      • Created systems which allowed instructors to grade students and view their grades (Gradebook).

      • Created systems which allowed students, instructors, and researchers to read and review books online.

      • Applied TDD, Scrum, and high test coverage.

      • Technologies used, SPA, JavaScript, Angular, Grunt, Jasmine, Java, RESTful services, MongoDB, Jenkines, OSGi, Karaf/Aetos, ActiveMQ.

  • Tech Lead at a Food Distributor:

      • Created systems which allowed managing inventories and lists for customers.

      • System allowed users to customize their inventory levels and thresholds, create comparative pricing and quotes.

      • Applied TDD, 2-weeks iterations, Scrum, and 90% + test coverage.

      • Technologies include: Spring, JPA, Struts-2, JUnit, Yahoo YUI, and JQuery.

  • Tech Lead for Measuring Business Integrity Index at a startup:

      • Created a system that captures market and financial data about a company to calculate an Integrity Index, this index can be used to predict future trends for that company.

      • Applied TDD, daily iterations, and continuous deployment to build the system.

      • Technologies include: Scala for back end work, Groovy/Grails and JQuery for front end.

    • Tech Lead for an Automatic Characterization Test Generation at an Insurance Company:

      • Created a system which generates characterization test (e.g. JUnit) cases for Java legacy systems.

      • The system records programís behavior at run time, and generates test cases based on recorded values.

      • The system helps bootstrapping the creation of test cases for legacy systems without test coverage.

      • Apply TDD and Speed-To-Value (S2V) in system design and implementation.

      • Technologies include: AspectJ, JBoss AOP, JUnit, EasyMock, JMock, Service Provider Interface (SPI), and Reflection API.

    • JEE Architecture and Team Lead at a Services Company:

      • Fine tune application performance and database operations.

      • Apply TDD and Speed-To-Value (S2V) in system design and implementation.

      • Introduced new ideas in inter-system interactions that saved more than 50% in effort and budget.

      • Created applications that monitor systems health.

      • Technologies include: Spring, Hibernate, JUint, Quartz, Spring MVC, FindBug, Ant, and Oracle DB.

Several Organizations, Ohio, 1990-2008

    • Companies: Cardinal Solutions, Fusion Alliance, Relizon, Sogeti/Cap Gemini, Wright State University.

    • Technologies included: Java, J2EE, EAI, Rule Engines, Oracle DB, WebLogic, WebSphere, WebMethods, Neural Networks, Delphi, C, C++, VB, Modula-2, Assembler.


    • Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, 1999.

    • M.S. in Computer Engineering. 1994. Wright State University, Dayton, OH

    • B.S. in Computer Engineering. 1988. King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.